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John and Mary Hunter’s children

First Generation:

Christopher Hunter (Bus ’69)

Elizabeth Hunter Dumas (Ed ’73)

Martin Hunter (Bus ’78)

John Hunter Jr. (Bus ’80) — deceased

Annette Hunter Lee (A/S ’77, ’79)

Dennis Lee (Law ’85) — Spouse of Annette Hunter Lee

Thomas Hunter (UTCTC ’80, Univ Coll ’87)

Kimberly Palicki Hunter (Bus ’80, ’87) — Spouse of Thomas Hunter

Kevin Hunter (A/S ’84)

Kathryn Hunter (A/S ’85) — Spouse of Kevin Hunter

Paul Hunter (Ed ’95)

Pamela Hunter (HS ’89, Ed ’89) — Spouse of Paul Hunter

Maria Hunter Denning (Univ Coll ’05)


Second Generation:

Gregory Hunter (A/S ’00) son of Phil Hunter (not a UToledo graduate)

Colleen Hunter (Bus ’05) daughter of Martin Hunter

Stephanie Hunter (Bus ’05) daughter of Martin Hunter

Samuel Hunter (Bus ’18) son of Kevin Hunter

Cariss Reece Hunter (Bus ’18) wife of Samuel Hunter

Timothy Hunter (HSHS ’04, Law ’07), son of Christopher Hunter

Amy Frawley-Hunter (Bus ’05, MBA ’06) — spouse of Timothy Hunter


Third Generation:

Molly Hunter — currently enrolled in nursing program, daughter of Paul Hunter

Jacob Dumas — Elizabeth Hunter Dumas’ grandson


Ligibel Brothers/First Generation

William Ligibel (Attended 1939)

Clarence Ligibel — (A/S, ’47) 

Richard Ligibel — (Bus ’50)

Patricia Ligibel — Education, (Ed ’50, MEd ’71) spouse of Richard Ligibel


Patricia and Richard Ligibel’s children:

Second Generation

Doug Ligibel (A/S ’78)

David Ligibel (UTCTC ’79)

Deborah Ligibel (Bus ’81)


William Ligibel’s children:

Second generation:

Michael Ligibel (Eng ’69, MBA ’78)

Ted Ligibel (Univ Coll, ’72)

Angel Ligibel Dandar (Ed ’74)

Rebecca Ligibel (Bus ’88, Law ’92)

Nancy Ligibel (Ed ’66) spouse of Michael Ligibel

James Dandar (Bus ’86) spouse of Angel Ligibel


Angel Ligibel Dandar and James Dandar’s children:

Third Generation:

Sally Dandar (A/S ’04)

Colleen Dandar Tankoos (A/S ’01)


Bradley Ligibel (Eng ’01, Law ’04) son of Michael and Nancy Ligibel


Fourth Generation:

Sembria Ligibel (NRS ’19) daughter of Bradley Ligibel


Harry and Gan Park Loo

Irene Loo (Ed ’50)

Edward Loo (Eng ’52)

William Loo (Eng ’56)

Fred Loo (Eng ’59)

Virginia Loo (A/S ’60)

Gilbert Loo (Eng ’62)

Peggy Loo (A/S ’63)

Benjamin Loo (Eng ’66)

John Loo (Eng ’66)

Linda Loo (Med. Tech. ’68)


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