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August 1st, 2011 Posted in UToledo in the news

UT physician cited in London Daily Telegraph

Dr. Blair Grubb of the UT College of Medicine and Life Sciences was interviewed for his expertise on dizziness and fainting for a feature in the London paper.

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TIME story on extraterrestrial wonders gives nod to UT astronomer

Green crystals raining down on a super-hot star? Sounds the stuff of Hollywood, but Dr. Tom Megeath, UT astrophysicist, explains the reality of a study in which he’s principal investigator.

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In the Spring 2011 issue of Toledo Alumni Magazine, we printed the incorrect title for Saleh Jabarin PhD. He is Distinguished University Professor, director of the Polymer Institute, and professor of Chemical and Environmental Engineering. In the same piece, ”PVC bottles” should be “PET bottles.”

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