The Lerro – Bradley Story

November 28th, 2011 Posted in UToledo in the news

Allison “Allie” Lerro and Robert “Reggie” Bradley, Jr. originally met in High School in 2001. They attended neighboring high schools in Sandusky and Castalia, Ohio. Allison went to Sandusky High School and graduated in 2004. Reggie went to Margaretta High School and graduated in 2005; they were both swimmers in high school and attended The University of Toledo. The two met up once again at a Homecoming event in 2008, this time at The University of Toledo. Allie was serving as Homecoming Commissioner and Reggie was a member of the spirit group Blue Crew. The two talked, went out for ice cream and a movie, and it was history from there. Allie went on to graduate from the College of Arts and Sciences with an English Literature degree in 2009 and Reggie graduated from the College of Business Administration with a degree in Accounting in 2010. The couple was also engaged in 2010, where they first met, the Margaretta High School swimming pool. They were married on September 24th 2011 in Sandusky, Ohio. They are both die hard Rockets fans, so much that their wedding colors just happened to be Midnight Blue and Gold. They did their University proud with a “Rocket” themed wedding that included members of the Blue Crew, a Rocket fan bus and even the fight song. The couple currently work in the Toledo area. Allie is an Admissions Advisor at Herzing University, and Reggie as an ACCEL Associate in management at PNC Bank. They still attend as many Rocket sporting events they can in their spare time, it’s as if they never left campus in the first place. All in all, we can truly say these two are Rocket Fanatics! And they will definitely SEE YOU AT THE GAME!

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Shannon Bauer and Harry Lerro met in 1975 on the 4th floor of Parks Tower. They were recent high school graduates and looking to move to the “big” city. Shannon graduated from Margaretta High School, in Castalia, Ohio in 1975 and Harry graduated from Mansfield Malabar High School, Mansfield Ohio, also, in 1975. They began their journey at the University of Toledo, in the Laundry Room of Parks Tower where they first met. They graduated in 1979; Shannon from the College of Arts and Sciences with a degree in Communication and Harry from University College with a degree in Sociology/Biology and Communication. He later went on to receive a degree in Allied Health and Respiratory Care and were married in 1983. Later, both were awarded Masters’ Degrees in Interpersonal Communication. Shannon spent the next 20 years in Toledo, on the radio, mainly with 92.5 Kiss FM as part of the original Breakfast Club. Harry worked in various Toledo area hospitals, mainly, Mercy Hospital. In 1993, they moved back to Shannon’s hometown of Sandusky, Ohio to be closer to family and start one of their own. They often come back to The University of Toledo, to attend Rocket sporting events and see their two daughters, Allison Lerro Bradley and Hannah Lerro, grow up in the Rocket tradition. Allison is a 2009 graduate of The University of Toledo and Hannah is just beginning her journey as a Rocket this year, as a freshman on campus. Shannon and Harry, both currently work as adjunct professors for local colleges but still remain true to their one and only Alma Mater! Go Rockets!


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