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Richard Blank (A/S ’61), had a story published in Real Life, Real Miracles, by James L. Garlow and Keith Wall.

Brad A. Lee (Bus ’78), has been appointed as Vice President of the commercial banking division of Country Club Bank in Kansas City, MO.

Patricia DePompei (NRS ’85), has been named President of University Hospitals’ Rainbow Babies & Children’s Hospital and MacDonald Women’s Hospital in Cleveland.

Judge Jeffrey L. Schmehl (Law ’80), has been nominated by President Obama for the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania.

Leonard F. Monahan (CALL ’80), recently authored a book, Rattlesnakes, Ghosts & Murderers, a Western adventure series.


<td Ahmed Hamid
Ahmed Hamid (Eng ’96, MEng ’00), has been named a Principle of the firm and Director of Construction Services at DGL Consulting Engineers. He joined DGL Consulting Engineers in 1999.

Jennifer M. Grieco (A/S ’93, Law ’97), has been recognized as a 2013 Top Lawyer by DBusiness Magazine in the practice areas of Business Litigation and Insurance Law. This is the second consecutive year that she has been honored.

John K. Stipancich (Bus ’90), received an expanded role to Chief Legal Officer, Corporate Secretary and EMEA Executive Leader with Newell Rubbermaid in Georgia.

Melissa Sattler (A/S ’01), has been promoted and offered an equity stake in Rosenberg Advertising, a staple in Cleveland’s advertising community.

Extended Class Notes

Photo credit: The Toledo Journal

Photo credit: The Toledo Journal

African American Legacy Project hosted its eighth annual Legend’s Weekend and honored present and emerging Toledo leaders at a reception held in October 2012. Dr. Lancelot Thompson, retired Vice President from UT is seated second from the left, Emerson Cole (Ed ’64), is seated third from the left and former UT student, now a state senator, Edna Brown, is seated fourth from the left. Jacqueline Jones, current PhD candidate at UT is standing fourth from the left and Rhonda Sewell, friend of the University is standing fifth from the left.

Marriages & unions

Daniel S. Giannetti (Univ Coll ’05, Bus ’07) and Erica Blocher announce their engagement and will be married on July 13 in North Canton.

Andrew Fell (Eng ’09) and Kate Hammer announce their engagement and are currently planning a November 2013 wedding in Columbus, Ohio.

Death Notices

Faculty, staff & friends

*Dr. Richard Ruppert, Toledo at 81. He played a pivotal role in shaping the Medical College of Ohio during his presidency. During his 16-year tenure, he continued the college’s expansion with more clinical services and patient care, increased biomedical research activities, and additional academic offerings.    Under his leadership, the School of Nursing, the School of Allied Health and the Graduate School were established. An ambulatory care center was renamed the Richard D. Ruppert Health Center upon his retirement in 1993.

*Alice Buenning, Toledo at 88.

*Paul Arndt (Bus ’62), Toledo at 73. He was a former part-time instructor of marketing and was also a member of the UT Presidents Club and the Rocket Club.

Barbara Britsch (PhD ’90), Toledo at 86. She was a former instructor at UT.

Bobby B. “Bob” Clark, Toledo at 80. He was a UT police officer from 1968 until his retirement in 1997.

Dr. Ahmad Farhoud (Eng ’85, MEng ’87, PhD ’92), Toledo at 49. He was an associate professor of engineering technology who received tenure six years after joining the UT faculty in 2000. He served as an undergraduate adviser for electrical engineering technology. In 2004, he received the College of Engineering’s Outstanding Teacher Award.

Jo Ann Ford, Toledo at 65, was a former UT employee.

Richard “Dick” Haberstock, Waterville at 82, was a former volunteer at MCO.

Lynne R. King, Maumee at 77, was a former volunteer at UT Medical Center.

Florence E. Kirian, Toledo at 92. She was an accounting clerk at the Maumee Valley Hospital and later at the Medical College of Ohio from 1951 until her retirement as a clerical supervisor in 1976. She volunteered at the hospital as a member of the Satellites; she was also a finance officer for the auxiliary.

John Kutsch Sr., age 58, was a respiratory therapist at UT Medical Center, he joined the MCO staff in 2003.
Chester W. Operacz, Holland at 93. He retired from the University as a locksmith.

*Richard Beck (Bus ’38), Blacklick, Ohio, at 96.

*Eleanor Bennett Bacon (Ed ’36), Toledo at 97.

Anna Belle Dusing Staiger (A/S ’37), Columbus, Ohio, at 96.

Stanley Miekicki (Eng ’42), Memphis, Tenn., at 92.

Ruston Ayers (Bus ’47), Bloomfield Hills, Mich., at 89.

*Dr. Manning Hanline (Bus ’42), Gulf Breeze, Fla., at 92.

*Walter Peterson (Bus ’48, Law ’54), Toledo at 91.

Dr. David Hamlar (Ed ’48), Columbus, Ohio, at 88.

Evelyn Agnew (A/S ’47), Florence, Colo., at 87.

*Ralph Taylor (Bus ’49), Bradenton, Fla., at 90.

*Basil Foussianes (Eng ’47, Law ’50), Naples, Fla., at 90.

Vada Justen (Bus ’46), New Hudson, Mich., at 88.

*Norman McKenna, att. 1948, Toledo at 89.

*Dorothy Erick, att. 1940, Corona, Calif.

James Justen (Bus ’49), New Hudson, Mich., at 90.

Robert Ulrich (Bus ’49), Findlay, Ohio, at 89.

Dorman Godwin (Bus ’47), Grand Haven, Mich., at 88.

Carol Manahan (A/S ’49), Toledo at 85.

Donald Weber (A/S ’47), Deep River, Conn., at 86.

Richard Snyder (A/S ’50), Toledo at 86.

*Milton Calcamuggio (Eng ’54), Toledo at 81.

Robert Johnson (MEd ’56), Dundee, Mich., at 83.

Richard Young (’54), Eugene, Ore., at 81.

Chester Zorecki (Bus ’50), Mesa, Ariz., at 85.

Clifford Lafayette (UTCTC ’59), Temperance, Mich., at 77.

John Shire (Bus ’54), Osseo, Mich., at 81.

Carolyn Patton (Ed ’59), Frederick, Md., at 92.

Marilyn Dawson (A/S ’51), Parsonsfield, Maine, at 83.

Edgar May (Pharm ’50), Hillsdale, Mich., at 90.

Iva Gollan (Ed ’57, MEd ’83), Toledo at 77.

*James Fuerst (A/S ’50), Toledo at 85.

Richard Snyder (A/S ’50), Toledo at 85.

*Dale Kline (A/S ’53, MS ’54, Law ’63), Graytown, Ohio, at 82.

*Elizabeth Houston (MS ’53), Toledo at 80.

*William Dillon (Pharm ’52), Winchester, Va., at 83.

Robert Phillips (Eng ’50), Reynoldsburg, Ohio, at 89.

*Samuel Wendt (Eng ’54), Columbus, Ohio, at 86.

Don Burmeister (Bus ’58), Temperance, Mich., at 77.

Nancy Lininger (Ed ’59), Wolverine Lake, Mich., at 74.

*Jacquelyn Wisner (Ed ’56, MEd ’79), Toledo at 78.

Charles Leslie (A/S ’55), Delray Beach, Fla., at 79.

Sheldon Rubin (A/S ’51, Law ’53), Toledo at 83.

Daniel Sutkus (Ed ’51), Northwood, Ohio, at 85.

Daniel Muszynski (Bus ’59), Erie, Mich., at 88.

Lorin Knieriemen (Eng ’50), Lutz, Fla., at 90.

Paul Hughes (A/S ’65), Fairfax, Va., at 68.

*Phillip Crary (Pharm ’66), Temperance, Mich., at 75.

*George Athanas (Ed ’62), Chicago at 78.

*Alice Buenning, att. 1965, Toledo at 88.

*Charles Cole (Bus ’63), Pemberville, Ohio.

*Bessie Printzos (Ed ’60), Fort Wayne, Ind.,  at 87.

Jack Schwenning (UTCTC ’60), Toledo at 81.

Janet Wing (Ed ’64), Grand Rapids, Mch., at 70.

Gordon Sprague (Eng ’66), Oregon, Ohio, at 72.

M. Uebelhart (A/S ’66), Howard, Ohio, at 69.

David Pawelec (UTCTC ’69), Hudson, Mich., at 64.

*Barbara Hall (Ed ’62), Toledo at 77.

Charles Franz (Ed ’63), Dadeville, Ala., at 72.

Glen Wittaker (UTCTC ’63), Delta, Ohio, at 73.

Florence Clark (Ed ’64), Oregon, Ohio.

Joseph Ice (Bus ’74), Houston, Texas, at 69.

Marylaura Merritt (Ed ’72), Sugar Land, Texas, at 62.

Jay Smith (UTCTC ’77, MA ’80), Toledo at 71.

*Alice Cole (MEd ’75), Pemberville, Ohio, at 87.

Mahlon Lau (Bus ’74), Curtice, Ohio, at 91.

Barbara Bohn (UTCTC ’73), Toledo at 73.

Phillip Hoedt (A/S ’78), Toledo at 66.

John Williams (Bus ’72), Toledo at 65.

Patricia Camp (Ed ’75, MEd ’85), Sylvania, Ohio, at 77.

Sister M. Pietrzak (MEd ’73), Toledo at 86.

Milo Curtiss (Law ’77), Roseville, Minn., at 61.

Patrick Brown (Law ’74), Yakima, Wash., at 68.

*Gerald Russell (A/S ’73), Ottawa Hills, Ohio, at 64.

Andrew Jankowski (Bus ’73), Toledo at 63.

Paul Klafter (MEd ’73), Genoa, Ohio, at 83.

Joe Matthews (UTCTC ’87), Norcross, Ga., at 66.

Timothy Blaser (Eng ’81), Waterville, Ohio, at 57.

Daniel Kniss (UTCTC ’83), Grand Rapids, Ohio, at 54.

Sister Michelle Gillespie (MEd ’82), Steubenville, Ohio, at 78.

John Kutsch (UTCTC ’88), Oregon, Ohio, at 58.

Nannie Cunningham (Ed ’86), Toledo at 70.

Mary Annarino (Ed ’80, MEd ’85), Toledo at 72.

Gregory Carr (UTCTC ’81), Toledo at 55.

Kathleen Korthuis (PhD ’82), Lambertville, Mich., at 78.

Marcia Mulder (A/S ’85), Wayland, Mich., at 49.

Pamela Wolf (CALL ’85), Genoa, OH at 67.

Linda Kristo (Ed Spec ’80, PhD ’84), Noblesville, Ind., at 76.

Patricia Meiring (Univ Coll ’97, MA ’02), Gainesville, Fla., at 86.

Kimberly Wurst (UTCTC ’95), Custar, Ohio, at 40.

Harold Parks (Univ Coll ’92), Toledo at 71.

Mary Measles (Ed ’90), Toledo at 83.

Terice Warncke (A/S ’92, Law ’04), Napoleon, Ohio, at 44.

*Irene Watkins (CALL ’92), Perrysburg, Ohio, at 77.

Judith Kovach (UTCTC ’93), Grand Rapids, Ohio, at 66.

Paula Cline (MEd ’92), Monroe, Mich., at 69.

Gary Brewer (Eng ’02), Toledo at 36.

Robin Nofziger (NRSG ’06), Pettisville, Ohio, at 50.

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