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**Barbara Bertke Holdcroft (’68 Ed, ’03 PhD) has ‘retired’ to the mountains of North Carolina where she will do some adjunct teaching at Lees-McRae College.

Michael Farley (Pharm ’77), has joined Triad Isotopes, Inc. as pharmacy manager of the company’s Cleveland location.
Michael Farley (Cleveland)

Leonard F. Monahan (’80 Univ Coll) has been awarded the Best Western Novel of 2013 by the Beverly Hills Book Awards. “Rattlesnakes, Ghosts and Murderers” is first in a series of Western Adventure books by Mr. Monahan.

*Ken Alexander (’81 Ed Spec) is the 2013 recipient of the Bowl of Hygeia Award for outstanding service to his community by The Ohio Pharmacists Association.

Gretchen Carroll (’83 MBA, ’05 Law, ’11 PhD) presented “The ABC’s of the Best Practices in Leadership Development” at the 2013 Tobias Leadership Conference in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Carroll_Gretchen
B Jones Photo *Barb Jones (Eng ’82), has obtained her Professional Traffic Operations Engineer Certification (PTOE). She currently is employed by DGL Consulting Engineers.

Craig Loomis (’92 PhD) has published a new book, “The Salmiya Collection”. He is an associate professor of English and head of the division of humanities and arts at the American University of Kuwait.

*Michael R. Goulding (Law ’95), was elected Secretary of the Association of Municipal/County Judges of Ohio (AMCJO).

Ken Hohmeier (’08 Pharm, ’10 PharmD) was installed as a trustee of The Ohio Pharmacists Association, representing District 13 in Cuyahoga County.

John Thistlethwaite (’05 MHHS, ’08 PhD) has been named the recipient of 2013 Conley Award for Outstanding Teaching at Ohio Dominican University. He is an assistant professor of anatomy and physiology and director of the exercise science program. John Thistlethwaite

Robert A. Kennedy (HSHS ’07), was promoted to manager at FedEx two years ago. He received an award for going above and beyond in the area of client service.

Marriages & Unions
*Samuel Johnston (’12 LLSS) and Jennifer Gast were united in marriage on May 11 at Ewing Manor, Bloomington.

Justin Shedron (’07 A/S) and Jennifer Rega, PharmD, were married at Saint Basil Catholic Church in Independence, Ohio on March 23. Justin has been reappointed as a chief warrant officer 2 in the Active Guard Reserve Program and is currently flying UH-60 helicopters at Fort Indiantown Gap, Pa.

*Marie Kerestes (’12 MED) and Craig James McGreal celebrated a June wedding at The Basilica of Saint John the Baptist. Kerestes-McGreal
JohnsGosser Joseph Gosser (’80 A/S) and Holly Johns wed on June 8 in Findlay, Ohio.
Amy Kundmueller (NRS ’05) & Nicholas Kundmueller (Eng ’05), would like to announce the birth of their son Clayton Nicholas Kundmueller on October 9, 2012. Clayton is already excited about being a Rocket Fanatic!

Death Notices
Faculty, staff & friends
Donald G. Bahna Jr., Knoxville, Tenn. at 48, a staff perfusionist at MCO from 1981 to 1991.

Clara J. “C.J.” Hillebrand, Toledo at 87, she was hired as a clerk at UT in 1974 and two years later was promoted to secretary, the position she retired from in 1993.

Dr. James Peichung Hsu, Toledo at 94, former UT faculty member.

Dewanna L. Myers, Woodville, Ohio at 73, former UT instructor.

James J. Demski, Sylvania, Ohio at 67, a former chef who worked in Carter Hall.

Joseph J. Kielczewski, Toledo at 67, director of information technology in the College of Business and Innovation. He joined the staff in 1993.

Betty Payteon, Toledo at 82, a retired UT Medical Center food service worker.

Dr. Basil Collins, Holland, Mich. at 92, a UT faculty member for 27 years. He joined the Geography and planning department as an assistant professor in 1967. He served as president of UT’s chapter of the Honor Society of Phi Kappa Phi. Collins retired in 1994 and was named professor emeritus.

Carol Ann Fournier Koch, Manitou Beach, Mich. at 77, a clerk in the UT Records Department from 1988 until her retirement in 1999.

Beryl J. Schutte, Phoenix, Ariz. at 83, a former UT instructor.

Melvin R. Seabright, Lambertville, Mich. at 85, he was a mechanic at the University from 1958 until his retirement in 1983. He returned to work on campus from 1992 to 1994.

**Robert J. Nichols Sr. (’53 Ed, ’60 MEd), Sylvania, Ohio at 82. Nichols was a former Toledo Head Men’s Basketball Coach, who led the Rockets for 22 seasons and posted the most victories of any basketball coach in the Mid-American Conference. His name is synonymous with Toledo Rockets basketball excellence. He earned three varsity letters in basketball at Toledo as a player from 1950-1953, and was assistant basketball coach for two seasons before serving as head basketball coach from 1965 to 1987. His lifetime record at Toledo was 376-212, and still ranks as the most wins by any basketball coach in the Mid-American Conference history.

He led the Rockets to 20 consecutive winning seasons from 1965-66 through 1984-85. Nichols led the Rockets to the NCAA Tournament in 1967, 1979 and 1980. The 1979 squad advanced to the Sweet 16 with a win over Big Ten Champion Iowa before falling to Notre Dame. He was the only four-time winner of the Ohio College Coach of the year Award (1967, 1972, 1979, 1980). The Sylvania, Ohio resident was a member of the Toledo Varsity T Hall of Fame and the Ohio Basketball Hall of Fame. In 2012, he was inducted into the Mid-American Conference Hall of Fame. In addition, the basketball floor in Savage Arena was named in his honor in 2008.

Jeanne R. (Carver) Alleman Ciha, Toledo at 81. She was hired as a trainee in pathology at MCO at 1979 and became an IV technician one year later. In 2000, she moved to the lab central office and became a lab clinical technician, the position she retired from in 2008.

Virginia J. (Grzechowiak) Timmons, at 88. She volunteered at MCO through the Satellites Auxiliary.

Marc Gertner, Denver at 80. He was a lecturer in the College of Law during the 1960’s.

Donna Lee Carnicom Hardin, Gulfport, Miss. at 79. She was a director of admitting at MCO from 1977 until her retirement in 1991. She served as president of the union at the hospital.

John J. Jurack, Luckey, Ohio at 60. He worked in the theatre and film department for 30 years. He joined the University in 1980 as a stage technician. Jurack served as scene shop manager and later was promoted to assistant technical director and then technical director. He retired in 2010.

Zelda L. Lydy, Toledo at 90. She joined the University in 1963 and retired as secretary to the vice president and treasurer in 1987.

**Ina J. Weis, (A/S ‘45), Elmore, Ohio at 91. The professor emeritus of library administration worked at UT four decades. She received a bachelor of arts degree from the University in 1943 and joined UT Libraries that year. After more than 20 years as chief circulation librarian, Weis became administrator of information services and later assistant to the director for special projects. In addition, she taught in the former library science program. Weis was a member of Faculty Senate and the UT chapter of the American Association of University Professors, of which she served as recording secretary for several years, as well as the University Women’s Commission and the University Club. She retired in 1983.

Dorothy Price (’37 Ed), Sylvania, Ohio at 95.

Rada Ducket (’35 A/S), Boyne City, Mich. at 101.

Dr. Herschel Shulman (A/S ’39), Southfield, Mich. at 94.

Betty W. Smith (’44 Ed, ’75 MEd), Powell, Ohio at 90.

**William Keller (’48 Bus), Toledo at 88.

Ralph Connolly (’49 Bus), Toledo at 87.

Louis Hattner (’49 A/S, ’68 Law), Sylvania, Ohio at 85.

**Ellen Scott Kimerer (’42 A/S), Oklahoma City, Okla. at 93.

**Jeanne Reisbach (’47 Ed), Toledo at 89.

Lois Karamol (’43 Ed), Oregon, Ohio at 91.

Lewis Marenberg (Eng ’42), Sandusky, Ohio at 92.

Suzanne Zimmerman (Ed ’43), Toledo at 92.

*Jack Prettyman (Bus ’48), Toledo at 91.

Hyacinth Sepanski (A/S ’42), Sylvania, Ohio at 93.

*John Harpen (’51 Bus, ’58 Law), Toledo at 84.

Robert Morris (’50 Bus, ’51 Law), Toledo at 85.

**C. Richard Priebe, att. in 1958, Sylvania, Ohio at 81.

**Wilfred Elchert, att. in 1950, Toledo at 91.

** John Moor (’59 Bus), Toledo at 76.

Gerald DePrisco (’55 Ed), Toledo at 85.

**Gerald Cooper (’55 Pharm), Toledo at 80.

Mary Ott (Ed ’56, MEd ’83), Perrysburg, Ohio at 79.

Nabih Abu-Nassar (Bus ’55, MBA ’66), Toledo.

Martin Marinelli (’69 Bus, ’73 Law), Luckey, Ohio at 67.

Robert G. Eddie (’60 Bus), Toledo at 82.

**Kemal Onat (’67 Eng), Maumee, Ohio at 73.

**Harry Thayer (’68 UTCTC), Oregon, Ohio at 80.

Rosalie Louviaux (’60 Ed), Toledo at 74.

Marilyn Teaderman (’67 Ed), Toledo at 83.

Neil Holt (’66 Law), East Lansing, Mich. at 77.

Florence Gonia (’68 MEd), Toledo at 85.

Geraldine Imes (’62 Ed, ’63 A/S), Ottawa Hills, Ohio at 73.

Ronald Grant (’69 UTCTC, ’71 Ed), Toledo at 66.

James Levison (Ed ’66), Sylvania, Ohio at 71.

Doris Mohr (Ed ’62), Maumee, Ohio at 102.

The Honorable Wendell Allen (Law ’60), Maumee, Ohio at 83.

John Stoner (Pharm ’61), Tiffin, Ohio at 73.

James Whitehead (Ed ’68), Toledo at 90.

Philip Lewandowski (Bus ’69), Senoia, Ga. at 67.

Ruth Cochran (Ed ’69), Fullerton, Calif.

Emily Murawski, att. 1962, Toledo at 91.

Thomas Davidson (’74 UTCTC), Tipp City, Ohio at 64.

Thomas Wilcox (’79 UTCTC), Toledo at 63.

*Dr. Gary Berger (’75 MEd), Perrysburg, Ohio at 68.

Joseph Martin (’75 UTCTC), Waterville, Ohio at 80.

Michael Heaton (’70 A/S), Swanton, Ohio at 64.

**Charles Tubbs, att. in 1973, Toledo at 64.

Dale Nagel (’79 Law), Wauseon, Ohio at 66.

R. Elizabeth Hickman (’79 Bus, ’85 MBA), Toledo at 55.

Carol Doherty (’77 MEd), Chula Vista, Calif. at 79.

Jeanette Durban (Ed ’73), Perrysburg, Ohio at 92.

Marilyn Kaser (Ed ’74), Sylvania, Ohio at 77.

Ann Kurth (Ed ’70), Fort Myers, Fla. at 87.

Fredric Pinkus (’83 Law), Toledo at 76.

Paula Massey (’89 A/S), Sylvania, Ohio at 51.

Roslyn Lewis (’82 MEd), Kissimmee, Fla. at 80.

Patricia Riley (’88 MA), Vincennes, Ind. at 78.

Saralee Handy (Ed ’87), Edon, Ohio at 49.

Miriam Leeper-Kende (CALL ’81), Toledo at 55.

Sharon Taylor (CALL ’86), Maumee, Ohio at 54.

Daniel Malotky (Bus ’86, MBA ’09), Temperance, Mich. at 56.

Marilou Guy (A/S ’84), at 54.

Jacqueline Hood (A/S ’86), Dublin, Ohio at 82.

Stephen Zucker (’91 Bus), Erie, Pa. at 46.

Della Williams (’96 UTCTC, ’98 A/S), Toledo at 56.

Margaret Mangas (’96 MEd), Toledo at 58.

Markus Dunham (Ed ’91), Port Clinton, Ohio at 58.

Danyelle Sullivan (UTCTC ’98), Snellville, Ga. at 45.

Shelly Collins (HSHS ’98), Seattle, Wash. at 57.

Dr. Barbara Leapard (’00 PhD), Sylvania, Ohio at 60.

Darla Vander Horst (’00 HHS), Toledo at 58.

Austin Kudzia (Ed ’08), Toledo at 29.

Lucas Hassen (’10 Bus), Swanton, Ohio at 24.

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