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November 26th, 2013 Posted in UToledo in the news

Innovative Education – UT Partners with Two Michigan Colleges In Groundbreaking Program

The University of Toledo will make a major push into metro Detroit and Michigan when it starts offering four-year degrees in Livonia in the fall of 2014.
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Innovating education

An agreement between UT and two Michigan colleges makes higher education more accessible and convenient
Higher education has become increasingly inaccessible, even as it becomes more important in today’s job market. With lower tuitions, more open admission policies, and flexible schedules, community colleges have helped many students get the education and training they need. Even so, many community college graduates who want to earn four-year or advanced degrees have difficulty continuing their education.
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UT-led study alters treatment

Surgery not always needed for hypertensive patients
The results of a nearly 10-year-long study on hypertension, led by researchers at the University of Toledo Medical Center, concluded that there is no need for patients with a particular form of hypertension to have surgery to unclog a blocked artery.
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UT Experts And Innovations Are Quoted on a Variety of Topics

  • Nationally, Dr. Terry Bigioni in the Dept of Chemistry was published in Nature and subsequently interviewed by the LA Times.
  • Dr. Peter Feldmeier, an expert in Catholic studies, is quoted in the Washington Post about Toledo Bishop Blair’s promotion.
  • This Associated Press story featuring veterans transitioning to students at UT made it into dozens of media outlets across the country.
  • Geoffrey Rapp in the College of Law talks about baseball’s Alex Rodriguez and his legal troubles in Reuters, the Chicago Tribune, the Baltimore Sun, Yahoo! Sports, and the Global Post.
  • Gregory Gilchrist, in the College of Law, discusses the government’s $13 billion fine of JP Morgan in the National Journal.
  • Kara Bruce in the College of Law spoke with The Blade about bankruptcy law.

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