Intern in Ohio: Mutually Beneficial

July 25th, 2014 Posted in From Our Alumni

Intern in Ohio: mutually beneficial for UT students and alumni

By Aimee Portala


Bryant Kesler attended Rhodes State College in Lima, Ohio for two years before transferring to The University of Toledo to pursue a degree in Construction Engineering and Technology.

“In order to gain experience, I registered on Intern in Ohio. I was instantly matched with American Floors and Interiors. I ended up receiving an internship offer at the end of the interview. The process was quick and easy,” said Kesler.

Dylan Orwig (L) and alumnus Gary Johnson

Dylan Orwig (L) and alumnus
Gary Johnson

Intern in Ohio, presented by The University of Toledo, uses Classroom to Career technology developed by Detroit-based computer software and technology consulting firm Digerati. The technology employs an advanced matching algorithm that instantly connects employers and internship-seekers based on skills, interests and the requirements of the position.

By asking a series of questions to both students and employers, Intern in Ohio creates matches that ensure compatibility for each listed internship position.

“American Floors and Interiors provided a great internship where I had the opportunity to be around contractors and contribute to the success of a project. I have since graduated from UT and am currently employed by Allen Soil and Water Conservation District working as a district technician,” Kesler said. “My work experience at American Floors and Interiors, combined with my coursework at UT, was key in landing this full-time position. I’d recommend Intern in Ohio to any student who’s seeking an internship. It’s a great resource for launching your career.”

Intern in Ohio is advantageous for both students and employers. Students are exposed to experiential learning opportunities across the state and they are able to get in the door with what they know, not who they know. Employers benefit through access to talent and the reassurance that the internship candidates are suited for the needs of the position.

UT alumnus Gary Johnson, president and founder of American Floors and Interiors, has had positive experiences with Intern in Ohio.

“I have had the pleasure of using Intern in Ohio twice, and both times I hit a home run. I love the ease of navigating the system. The information I get before an interview takes place helps me in my decision making process,” Johnson said. “It’s a fantastic tool I intend to use again.”

An employer, on average, will answer 20-30 questions about a position when it is posted. Students are matched to opportunities based on their answers about their skills and interests. The system identifies the top seven matches for each individual student as well as for each posted internship. When a match is made, both the employer and the student are notified.

Dylan Orwig, construction engineering technology graduated December 2013, also interned with Johnson at American Floors and Interiors.

“My internship with AFI was definitely a resume booster. It was beneficial to have some experience under my belt,” Orwig said.

Orwig currently works as an estimator for a Toledo-area contractor.

“I help conduct interviews for co-op positions, and we look for students who have at least some experience. The sooner they are exposed to their career fields, the better,” said Orwig. “Intern in Ohio covers a lot of things asked about in interviews. It gives students an idea of what employers look for.”

“Intern in Ohio appreciates the support of employers in providing experiential learning opportunities for students. Gary Johnson is a great example of a UT alumnus stepping up to the plate to hire UT students as interns,” said Bernie Gosky, executive director for Intern in Ohio. “This is a fabulous free resource that’s helping to attract and retain talent in northwest Ohio and throughout the state.”

Nelson Barnhiser, a senior double majoring in accounting and organizational leadership and management, is an accounting clerk intern for Kuhlman Corporation, a concrete company located in Maumee, Ohio.

“Prior to registering with Intern in Ohio, I had been looking for an internship for about a year. It was easy to create a profile and it didn’t take long. I had been notified very quickly that I had been matched with internship opportunities. I connected with my hiring manager from Kuhlman via email,” said Barnhiser. “I would definitely recommend Intern in Ohio. As long as you take the time to keep your profile updated, then you should get matches.”

The web-based program is free for both students and employers.

“Intern in Ohio gives both students and employers a real advantage…fast, precise and relevant opportunities that give the student real work experience and provides the employer with immediate staffing. A win-win situation,” said Larry Burns, UT vice president for external affairs.

For more information visit, contact Gosky at 440.554.8238 or Aimee Portala at 419.530.4279.

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