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September 1st, 2015 Posted in UToledo in the news
College of Medicine Signs Affiliation Agreement with ProMedica

With a few pen strokes, the University of Toledo and ProMedica inked an academic affiliation agreement Wednesday, ending months of negotiations and linking the institutions together for 50 years.

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UT President Helps Students Move In

Students Move into new $38 Million Hall

The first University of Toledo students to move into a $38 million residence hall will find out quickly that the 492-bed building is not their parents’ dorm.

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UT Students Return to Campus

UT Partners with TPS, Buckeye CableSystem to Expand College Credit Program

Toledo Public Schools is expanding a partnership with Buckeye CableSystem and the University of Toledo that provides free laptops and Internet access to district students.

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UTPD Gets Body Cameras

Jupiter-like Planet Seen Circling Star 100 Light Years from Earth

Maybe our solar system isn’t such an oddball after all. As planet-hunting telescopes have scanned the starry heavens, they’ve discovered all kinds of strange worlds that are unlike those in our own solar neighborhood: hot Jupiters, super-Earths, mini-Neptunes. But now, astronomers say they’ve spotted a remarkably close analogue to our own planet Jupiter — and even gotten a look at its methane-rich atmosphere.

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Health Science Campus Hosts Kids of Migrant Farmworkers

UT alumnus Anthony Aguilar from the Toledo Police Dept. spoke to the kids during a dinner session. Ivonne Mendoza led a workshop on …

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UT’s New Choral Director a High Energy Guy

The University of Toledo Department of Music has hired Bradley Pierson as the new director of choral activities. Pierson replaces Stephen Hodge, who retired at the end of the spring quarter.

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UT Makes Switch to Coke from Pepsi

Expect to see plenty of Powerade cups and coolers on the sidelines of University of Toledo games for many seasons to come.

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Athletic Director Named to Division I Council

University of Toledo Vice President and Athletic Director Mike O’Brien has been selected by the NCAA Board of Directors to serve as the Mid-American Conference’s representative to the NCAA Division I Council.

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