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August 26th, 2016 Posted in UToledo in the news
Study by UT details harm done by algae

Preliminary findings from a University of Toledo study on mice has researchers hoping to further study possible effects of microcystin on people with nonalcoholic fatty liver disease and other health conditions.

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Scientists hope to predict toxic algae

Much like Ohio Nowcast — a cutting-edge effort to predict bacteria outbreaks at Ohio beaches — scientists hope they will eventually be able to predict when and where toxic algal blooms are forming.

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UT business fraternity holds vigil for Sierah Joughin

UT admitted as 41st member of the Association of Universities for Research in Astronomy

Toledo, UT to expand internship program

President, provost and vice president help students move into residence halls

Grant to help study of Lyme disease

University of Toledo microbiologist Mark Wooten has spent his entire 21-year career studying Lyme disease and trying to solve the puzzle behind how it is activated in humans.

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University Hall construction

UTMC teams assist migrant workers

UT gets breast cancer research grant

UT team helps youth football team deal with suicide

Center for Health and Successful Living breast cancer survivor orientation

Community policing efforts at UT

UT Police training exercise

UT uses Military technology to teach students

Toledo Law professor on heroin prosecution

Salary negotiations often preclude women from equal pay

Most of the pay gap between men and women is not caused by intentional discrimination by employers. But that doesn’t mean that discrimination doesn’t exist.

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World’s first geological map was far ahead of its time

If you’re searching for gold in Egypt’s Eastern Desert, you should bring water, a spare tire, an exploration geologist, and a good map. By 10:30 a.m. we’d already made use of all four. The left rear tire of our SUV had blown out on a rough desert track, but the spare held up, and now our small convoy had successfully deposited the geologist and the map atop the rocky, sandy soil of a place called Abu Zawal.

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32 students from across globe settle into UT life

The University of Toledo is hosting 32 international high school students for two weeks as part of the International Youth Program.

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Candle takes Rockets’ reins with new, experienced staff

Jason Candle got his first taste of head coaching from the press box in the University of Toledo’s win over Temple at the Boca Raton Bowl last season.

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Art on the Mall 2016

Under tents lining the University of Toledo’s Centennial Mall, 116 artists showcased their wares on Sunday to the sound of jazz at this year’s Art on the Mall.

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The Beatles’ “Revolver” and a half-century of LSD

Half a century ago—when the Beatles album Revolver was released on Aug. 5, 1966, in the U.K.—John Lennon ended the last song on the record with a lyrical message best understood by a certain subset of listener: “So play the game ‘existence’ to the end, of the beginning, of the beginning.”

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Older players love Pokemon Go, too

A flick of her finger across the screen of her phone, and Tracy Murray caught herself another Pidgey.

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