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January 30th, 2017 Posted in UToledo in the news
UTMC to remain teaching hospital

University of Toledo President Sharon Gaber laid out details for the future of the University of Toledo Medical Center, including that it will remain a university-owned teaching hospital, retain emergency services, and not reduce staff.

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Enrollment on rise at UT

The University of Toledo has 372 more students enrolled for spring semester than at the same time last year, reflecting continued efforts to recruit and retain additional students.

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UT first campus in country with Blue and Gold Star memorial markers

The University of Toledo is nationally recognized as the first university campus in the country to simultaneously honor all service members of the armed forces and the families who lost a loved one defending the United States by dedicating both a Blue Star Memorial marker and a Gold Star Memorial marker.

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Nigerian man with face tumor, treated like outcast, now a fourth year medical student at UT

Victor Chukwueke, a medical student University of Toledo has every reason to be grateful to God for where he is currently.

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UT student uses hacked data to map cheating spouses, analyze characteristics

Relationships depend on partners making time for one another.

That sounds simple, but it’s a challenge many couples face — particularly those in which one partner commutes to work, said Amy LaRoche, a licensed marriage and family therapist based in Fairfield.

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Pancreatic cancer survivor credits aggressive, unconventional treatment at UT in successful fight

Gerri Musser of Oregon, Ohio, didn’t think she would be around to celebrate Christmas and the New Year with her family.

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UT astronomer selected as member of elite NASA group focused on cosmic origins

A University of Toledo astronomer who specializes in the formation of stars and planets has been named to a 12-member NASA advisory group.

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Experts caution that headphones, earbuds can take a toll on hearing

The sound of music is nearly as pervasive as the air we breathe.

It’s on the television during shows and commercials. It plays in our vehicles while driving to work. It hovers overhead in most stores where we shop.

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MLK Unity Celebration at UT

“Uncle Martin,” as Donzaleigh Abernathy called the Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr., pushed her to overcome her fear, just like he did the nation’s.

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