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Class Notes

*Lowell L. Cummins (Eng ’52) spent 39 years working at Goodyear and traveled to 10 countries all over the world, totaling 27 trips with the company’s international organization. Lowell was considered for a listing in the Guiness Book of World Records for golf. He carded six aces, three of them in a different country, on different continents.

**Mark Walton (Ed ’76, MEd ’83) retired from St. Francis de Sales High School in Toledo. He taught there for 35 years.
Jan Crooker (Ed ’71) won the first-place purchase award at the Gaige Memorial II Show at Penn State Berks for her piece, “Dark Coffee.” This piece will become part of their permanent collection. She is a faculty member at Northampton Community College in Bethlehem, Pa., as an adjunct drawing teacher.
Gregory Morton (Ed ’72) published “Recognition of Love,” a book that chronicles the story of Morton’s career in swimming, basketball and tennis.

Paul Magdich (UTCTC ’82) retired from the Oregon, Ohio Police Department after 33 years of service. He started in the department as a patrol officer in 1986. His positions over the years included sergeant with the road patrol, supervisor of the detective bureau and he retired as the assistant chief.

Chuck Tull (A/S ’03, MBA ’07) was named vice president and chief financial officer of Principle Business Enterprises, Inc., located in Dunbridge, Ohio. His experience includes positions as financial controller and engineer leader. Principle Business Enterprises, Inc. manufactures high-performance absorbent products, as well as other consumer good products with applications in healthcare, industrial processing and in homes.
*Brad Rowe (Bus ’00) was named a principal with SSOE Group, a Toledo-based international architectural, engineering and construction management firm. He has been with the firm for eight years and currently leads SSOE’s Mexico operation. Rowe resides in Sylvania, Ohio with his wife, *Monica (Okdie) Rowe (Bus ’00) and their two children.
Dr. Joshua Paiz (A/S ’09, Honors ’09, MA ’11) is an assistant professor at George Washington University. He researches LGBTQ+ issues in English language teaching and world English literature. Paiz is in the process of completing his first book, “Queering the English Language Classroom: A Practical Guide for Teachers.” He will examine the use of Sri Lankan English to construct queer, coming of age narratives during a short-term fellowship with the National Humanities Center, located in Research Triangle Park, N.C.

*Phillip Ely (Bus ’14, MBA ’17) was added to the coaching staff of the Western Carolina football team as a quarterback coach. He was a two-year starter with the Rockets and participated in two bowl games. Ely was elected team captain twice and threw for over 3,000 yards and 23 touchdowns with only 10 interceptions, collecting All-Mid-American Conference honors.

Natalie Stough (A/S ’11, Honors ’11, MEd ’13, Honors ’13) is a licensed professional clinical counselor in Ohio and a teletherapist for Harbor Behavioral Health in Toledo. She has been an active roller derby skater for the Downriver Roller Dolls for the past three years. Stough lives with her partner, dog and two leopard geckos outside of Detroit.

Anna (Hollingsworth) Dey (Bus ’10, Honors ’10) is a co-owner of Anytime Fitness in Concord, Ohio and co-owner of Clean Eatz in Mentor, Ohio. Anytime Fitness is a 24-hour fitness club and Clean Eatz is a healthy dining café and meal-preparation service.

In Memoriam

Faculty, staff and friends

Edith (Bondy) Rathbun, Toledo, 103. She endowed several scholarships at the University, including one named in her honor, and she gave a donation to establish the Edith Rathbun Outreach and Engagement Excellence Award. The annual award recognizes faculty and/or staff for their work in scholarly outreach and engagement. In addition, she funded renovations for the Learning Enhancement Center’s tutoring area, which was renamed the Rathbun Cove in 2007. The Toledo native also gave a significant gift to the University Teaching Center to establish an annual non-endowed fund; the Edith Rathbun Teaching Resources and Development Fund. The fund is used to develop and provide new and innovative teacher training and lecture tools.

Jacquelyn I. “Jackie” (Fuerst) Graumlich, Lafayette, Calif., 89. She was hired as a clerk and typist in 1972 and retired as a records management officer in 1994.

Larry G. Hollstein, Curtice, Ohio, 78. He joined the staff in 1968 and was a stationary engineer in the Physical Plant until he retired in 1996.

Dr. David S. Kawakami, Toledo, 92. He was a faculty member who taught Japanese from 1994 to 2002 at the University.

Anthony A. Morano, Sylvania, Ohio, 85. He joined the faculty in 1964 as an assistant professor of law. In 1967, he was promoted to associate professor and later to professor.

Morano taught classes on evidence, torts, contracts, trial practice, and trusts and estates. In 1970, he was honored with one of the University’s Outstanding Teacher Awards. Morano was a member of Faculty Senate and was a chair of the University Committee on Academic Personnel. He retired in 1993.

H. Wells Singleton, Sunrise, Fla., 76. He joined the University as an assistant professor of secondary education in 1975 and was promoted to associate professor and professor. Singleton left the University in 1985.

Alfred Mundt, Maumee, Ohio, 82. He received a heart transplant at MCO in 1998 and established the Adela and Alfred Mundt Professorship in Transplantation Cardiology Fund. The endowment supports new and innovative programs in advanced cardiac care at The University of Toledo Medical Center. The Mundts held an annual “From the Heart” Celebrity Wait Night at Loma Linda in Swanton to raise funds for the endowment.

Doris M. Addie, Toledo, 80. She was a seasonal employee at the University in 2000 and then worked as a custodian from 2001 to 2005.

**Donna Guernsey, Fort Wayne, Ind., 81.

**Clark Ewing, Saline, Mich., 93.


**Robert Kinsey (Eng ’34), Escanaba, Mich., 107.


**Dr. Ruth Heyn (A/S ’43), Ann Arbor, Mich., 96.

Ruth Ludwig (UTCTC ’44), Oregon, Ohio, 96.


Frank Gallo (Ed ’55), Urbana, Ill., 86.

Gene Bennett (Bus ’53), Lake Park, Fla., 90.

David Swiatek (Pharm ’51), Perrysburg, Ohio, 89.

Robert Berman (Pharm ’51), Beachwood, Ohio, 92.

Judith France (Ed ’59), Santa Rosa, Calif., 82.

John Fuller (Pharm ’54), Washington Court House, Ohio, 87.

Norman Powers (Eng ’52), Helena, Ohio, 97.

Stanley Kohn (Pharm ’54), Scottsdale, Ariz., 89.

**Mary Ellen Campbell (Ed ’56), Sylvania, Ohio, 89.

**Eugene Kasper (Eng ’50), Fort Myers, Fla., 91.

Patricia Lindemann (Ed ’59), Sterling Heights, Mich., 81.

Richard Markin (Pharm ’50), Valencia, Pa., 90.

Shirley Hannan (Ed ’56), Toledo, 84.


Kenneth Kolinski (Eng ’65), Holland, Ohio, 77.

Betty Donnal (Ed ’64), Oregon, Ohio, 90.

Raymond Nowak (UTCTC ’68), Toledo, 98.

Richard Barchent (MEd ’68), Findlay, Ohio, 75.

Sandra Northey (A/S ’61), Troy, Mich., 80.

Michael Wentzel (Bus ’67), Springboro, Ohio, 75.

James Ansted (Bus ’62), Gahanna, Ohio, 80.

Gerald Cherry (Bus ’60), Toledo, 83.

Barbara Martin (Ed ’63), Sebring, Fla., 77.

Sarah Newell (Pharm ’68), Cranberry Isles, Maine., 74.

Dr. James Brandeberry (Eng ’61), Enon, Ohio, 79.

William Burns (MEd ’69, Ed Spec ’75), Holland, Ohio, 77.


Thomas Nordstrom (Law ’73), Monroe, Mich., 75.

JoAnn Beavers (Ed ’72, MEd ’92), Lambertville, Mich., 85.

Frank Lenz (Ed ’70), Oregon, Ohio, 72.

James Marks (Law ’75), Jonesville, Mich., 73.

Robert Snow (MBA ’72), Holland, Mich., 94.

Paul Liedel (Bus ’73), Monroe, Mich., 76.

Marsha Ruffer (UTCTC ’79), Stryker, Ohio, 60.

Jennifer Buckey (UTCTC ’78), Toledo, 62.

Catherine Condon (A/S ’76), Avon, Ind., 65.

**Stanley Adamski (Ed ’73, MS ’77), Orange City, Fla., 68.

Otto Geggus (A/S ’77), Perrysburg, Ohio, 74.

Clinton Sallie (UTCTC ’74), Toledo, 81.

Edward Wagner (Eng ’76), Oregon, Ohio, 71.

Edward Pohlman (UTCTC ’70), Waterville, Ohio, 83.

Robert Rader (Univ Coll ’73), Wyomissing, Pa., 68.

Thomas Furry (UTCTC ’73), Navarre, Fla., 79.

Diann Coleman (MEd ’76), Westerville, Ohio, 70.

Arney Robinson (UTCTC ’71, Univ Coll ’78), Atlanta, Ga., 72.

Barbara Hanson (MA ’76), Sarasota, Fla., 88.

Charles Theofan (Law ’78), New York, N.Y., 67.

Anna Berk (MEd ’72), Blissfield, Mich., 93.

Eddie Wiggins (UTCTC ’72), Toledo, 69.

Helen Clay (MEd ’73), Perrysburg, Ohio, 92.

Victor Carlin (Law ’78), Albuquerque, N.M., 72.

Judith Reed (MEd ’77), Traverse City, Mich., 75.


**Beverly Nathan (A/S ’84), Ottawa Hills, Ohio, 80.

**John Patterson (Ed ’87), Temperance, Mich., 60.

Pamela Sears (Pharm ’84), Gates Mills, Ohio, 58.

Mary Lou Hahn (UTCTC ’82), Toledo, 57.

Sister Helen Sikorksi (MEd ’80), Lawrence, Ma., 95.

Kathryn Simoni (MEd ’86, HSHS ’05), Toledo, 72.

Thomas Trotter (UTCTC ’84), Toledo, 74.

Dr. Kelly Evanoff (A/S ’84, MED ’89), Metamora, Ohio, 56.

Nancy Segan (UTCTC ’86), Toledo, 81.

**Dr. James Guerrieri (MED ’87), Willoughby, Ohio, 61.

Linda Haaser (A/S ’83), Northfield, Ohio, 72.

Julia Chandler-Flynn (UTCTC ’88, Univ Coll ’94, Honors ’94, MBA ’96), Maumee, Ohio, 64.


Joseph Gouin (Eng ’90), Waterville, Ohio, 52.

Mark Karmel (Ed ’94), Galveston, Ind., 48.

Jay Benoit (A/S ’91), Fostoria, Ohio, 65.

David Mislan (Bus ’90), Columbus, Ohio, 53.

Alice Poiry (UTCTC ’94), Northwood, Ohio, 79.

David Walrod (MBA ’96), Perrysburg, Ohio, 49.

Dr. Claude Bartley (RES ’91), Conover, N.C., 70.

Vicki Knight (MEd ’98), Norwalk, Ohio, 72.

Doris Strong (UTCTC ’97), Toledo, 77.

Nancy Sander (Bus ’94, Law ’97, MBA ’97), Palm Desert, Calif.,72.

*Annual Alumni Association Member
**Lifetime Alumni Association Member

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